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Complete fungal nail treatment

Complete fungal nail treatment

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Complete fungal nail treatment

Complete fungal nail treatment

EXPERT EXPERT I have had a fungal nail myself (yes, a pedicure with a fungal nail) and it really took me some effort to solve the problem and get a healthy nail again. I started by having a pedicure colleague grind my nail very thin with a machine. Then I started using a gel specially developed for this purpose and also the H7 cream for the feet, because the fungus that causes fungal nails always starts on the feet. I had to use the treatment for about a year until the nail was completely beautiful again. It is very important to continue the treatment for at least several months. USAGE: Every morning or before you go to bed, place 1 drop on the affected nail or nails and rub it in a little. Also take 1 or two toenails with you that are next to the fungal nail. If the nail or nails are thickened, it is important to file the nails thinner. You can do this at a pedicure (for example with me or at your own pedicure) but in principle you can also do this yourself. Be careful not to file the nail too thin as this could cause it to split. The reason it is important to file away the thickening is so that the product (gel) can then penetrate well into the nail and thus reach the fungus in the nail bed. It may take some time before you see improvement because toenails grow more slowly than the nails on your fingers. But as soon as the treatment is successful, you will see that a healthy nail grows again at the cuticle. Keep the nails short and as thin as possible (but not too thin and persevere!). Persistence is the most important thing . Package contents:
  • 1 bottle of intensive care gel
  • 1 tube or pump bottle of H7 foot cream
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Angelique Miga
Eindelijk een oplossing

Was al 2 jaar bezig met de behandeling van kalknagels, niets hielp totdat ik de kalknagelkuur op deze site gekocht heb. Je ziet duidelijk resultaat en is bijna weg, ook de eeltvorming is stukken minder. Een echte aanrader!

Ik zie vooruitgang

Ben al 2 maanden bezig. Je ziet vooruitgang, maar het is nog niet weg. We houden het nog even vol.

Het werkt echt!

Al veel geprobeerd, maar voor mij heeft deze behandeling uiteindelijk gewerkt.