About us

Petra Timmerman

In order to survive as an entrepreneur during the Corona crisis, which forced me to close my permanent make-up and pedicure practice for a total of 9 months, I decided to build a webshop. Because of my own sensitive skin, it became a webshop with 100% natural care products, but also pedicure products against fungal nails, among other things.

Because of my sensitive skin, I was looking for an alternative to common brands that caused me itching. Many tests later I decided to start selling Aromaestie (shampoo and conditioner bars) and AZUR (body and facial bars) products.


I found that there is a lot of difference between shampoo bars in terms of quality and effectiveness. Aromaesti is made in Greece with only organic ingredients. So if you are looking for a top brand, be sure to try out our Aromaesti shampoo and conditioner bars!


Our shampoo bars from the Aromaesti brand are produced by hand in Greece and, like our other soaps, are 100% natural, palm oil-free, animal-friendly and all pearls for your hair. We have a shampoo bar for every hair type. Whether you have colored hair, limp hair, oily hair, dry hair or curls. Something for everyone
The colors come from plants or clay, scents from essential oils.