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Aromaesti shampoo bar no aroma (for eczema and psoriasis)

Aromaesti shampoo bar no aroma (for eczema and psoriasis)

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Particularly suitable for extremely sensitive skin or scalp. The special, perfume-free composition includes Octopirox and tea tree oil: two ingredients that keep the skin flora intact, but relieve and soothe signs of itching and irritation. This allows the scalp to better hydrate, care for and soothe itself.

Unique SLS-free shampoo bar without perfume

Use : Run the solid shampoo bar without perfume through your wet hair. Move the shampoo briefly along the length of the hair. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Store the solid shampoo bar in a dry place.

Active ingredients Solid Shampoo Bar Without Perfume

Olive oil * gives resilience and a satiny touch • Octopirox® inhibits the production of yeasts that cause complaints, which can reduce itching and irritation • Tea tree has a calming and soothing effect and can be effective in treating complaints • D-Panthenol prevents hair damage, makes hair appear thicker and improves shine * our plant-based ingredients are all organically grown. The product is dermatologically tested and guaranteed not to be tested on animals (both final product and ingredients are not tested on animals) Contains no parabens, perfume, SLS/SLES, colourant, mineral oils (paraffin, petrolatum, petrolatum), silicone, propylene glycol and genetically modified plant extracts. 75 grams
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