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Treating fungal nails with Intensive Curegel from Ureumline

Treating fungal nails with Intensive Curegel from Ureumline

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Intensive cure gel

Our Ureumline intensive cure gel is a very effective product for treating even the most stubborn fungal nails. It is a long process and remedies that claim to have an effect after two weeks are unreliable. Our treatment also takes a long time before the nails are repaired, but we know from our pedicure practice that it absolutely works!

Ureumline Intensive Cure is applied daily as a contact gel to the nail plate of the brittle nail and lightly rubbed. The adjacent nails can be included when rubbing (preferably). The gel penetrates deep into the nail and kills the fungus.

It is important to continue the treatment every day until the nails are beautiful again. So persevere!

TIP: It can be very helpful to have the nail plate thinned by the pedicure before starting to apply Intensive Cure to the nail.

Do you have questions? I am a pedicurist so you can always call me or send me a WhatsApp on 0628120558 (the latter is my preference due to treatments that I do daily).

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