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Amber cubes

Amber cubes

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Vegan Amber cubes

You can use these delicious (vegan) amber cubes in different ways. as an air freshener for the home, e.g. in the linen cupboard (on a tray, stains on direct contact with wood) let it melt in a bowl on the heater in a scent burner as powder in the vacuum cleaner bag in the car (in a bowl under the seat. Be careful! it melts in the summer) The scent remains active for up to one year if you use the block according to the instructions below! Ingredients: Musk Ambrette 2%, Musk Xylol 5%, Vanaline 4%, Rose Powder 8%, Essential Oil 10%, Perfume base 71% * Fragrances are very personal, which is why our fragrance cubes cannot be exchanged or returned. We have Amber cubes in different scents.
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