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Aleppo soap 20%

Aleppo soap 20%

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Aleppo soap 20%, soap blocks with 20% laurel oil (really produced in Syria)

The benefits and uses of laurel soap: The traditional laurel soap is gentle and beneficial, especially for sensitive or infected skin. This soap is 100% vegetable, without the addition of synthetic fragrances or dyes. These soaps are made by hand from Olive oil and Laurel berry oil according to a centuries-old tradition. Contains absolutely no animal fats, olive oil pomace, tallow, paint, perfumes, aromas, detergents or similar additives. The special properties and effects of the soap have been known for thousands of years, which is why the soap is still a favorite among the locals! It is recommended to store your soap on a soap board made of wood or bamboo, these are also available in the webshop.


The percentage of Laurel berry oil in the Aleppo Soap determines the strength of the effect described above. The higher the percentage of laurel oil, the more powerful the soap. Very troubled skin will benefit from a soap with 40% laurel oil, but Aleppo Soap with 5% laurel oil also has an excellent effect on normal or slightly troubled skin. Take a good look at which soap suits your skin best. If you are not (yet) familiar with Aleppo soap, it is advisable to start with a low percentage because this generally works very well. Traditional Aleppo soap blocks 190 grams The fresh weight of the soap is approximately 200 grams each and may vary due to the traditional cutting technique (see production process). The riper the soaps, the drier they are. Therefore, the original weight decreases. Use: Suitable for daily cleansing of hair and body. The skin remains soft and smooth due to the moisturizing properties of olive oil. Regular use of this soap can improve the appearance of the skin, supported by the natural ingredients. Traditionally, Aleppo soap is used in Syria for skin problems and blemishes. Additional information Please do not swallow and avoid eye contact. Allow the soap to dry after use. – Pure vegetable soap – High level of vitamin E – Antibacterial
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